Early Intervention

Firstly, early intervention services enhance child development. Intervention research suggests that the rate of human learning and development is most rapid in the first five years of life. Early skill development is crucial to laying the groundwork for lifelong education.

If a child has been detected to have delayed speech and language don’t wait!! Researchers have shown that developmental language deficits do not disappear with age. These disabilities develop into permanent deficiencies with severe long term consequences such as problems at school (reading, writing and spellings), difficulties to understand tasks with language related contexts, behavioral abnormalities and emotional problems. Hence it is essential to intervene early because:Hearing Aid

Secondly, these interventions assist parents and siblings, helping them deal with feelings of stress or helplessness, while learning to maintain a positive attitude. Lastly, early intervention services will increase the child’s developmental and educational gains, increasing his or her eligibility for future employment and self-sufficiency.