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Speech Plus is a futuristic team of communication specialists devoted to help you overcome any obstacle related to speech and communication. Our team consists of professionals who are qualified with a four year Bachelor degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from Calcutta University followed by a 2 year Master degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology from West Bengal University of Health (WBHS). They are also professionally certified by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and Indian Speech and Hearing Association (ISHA).


Early Intervention

If a child has been detected to have delayed speech and language don&#...

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Delayed Speech

Development speech and language difficulties in children can result fr...

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Multiple medical conditions can contribute to swallowing and feeding d...

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Voice Disorders

Voice is the sound made by air passing from the lungs through the lary...

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Speech and Sound Disorders

Speech sound disorders are speech disorders in which some speech sound...

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Dysarthria and Aphasia

Dysarthria is a motor speech disorder resulting from neurological inju...

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