Corporate Speech Language Pathology

A Corporate Speech Pathology is an area where speech language pathologist works with individuals to improve speech in a business or corporate setting.
Corporate Speech Pathologists help clients with –


  • Regional and Foreign Accent Modification

In accent modification the goal is never to ‘remove’ an accent, but instead the corporate speech language pathologist and the client work together to improve pronunciation and clarity so that clients with both foreign and regional accents speak with confidence and be easily understood.

  • Presentation Skills and Voice Improvement


  • Specialized Areas as Needed such as:

Public speaking and presentation training makes people confident and effective communicating in front of groups.

Voice improvement teaches people to speak with adequate loudness, inflection and impact.

Speech or voice therapy helps valued employees with communication disorders reach their full potential in the workplace.

Lip-reading, amplification of voice, and improvement of the work environment facilitates communication for hearing impaired employees and customers.

Communication etiquette helps employees be more effective with colleagues, clients and customers.


The corporate speech language pathology will help individuals to:

    • Communicate clearly
    • Increase their confidence
    • Move up in the organization
    • Increase your income
    • Inspire staff members
    • Be understood